Our manifesto

We believe that everyone is worth it.

We refuse to believe a statistic is a statistic, because we know there are names and birthdays. There are children and brothers and sisters. 

We believe that light will overcome the darkness and we won't rest until light shines through.

We will show up.

We will continue the fight even when the opposition is greater and the fight against us is winning.

We will slog,

we will walk, 

we will run.

We believe that living in freedom, having food and drink, and living under a roof are human rights.

Rights that are to be enjoyed by all mankind, not just a select few. 

Whether you are part of the haves or the have-nots, we will stand arm in arm calling you to action because we believe the worst thing anyone can do is nothing at all. 

Our Work

Completed Projects:

  • Clean water well in Tsipasi
  • Clean water well in Korpehem
  • A second clean water well in Korpehem

Current Projects:

Future Projects:

  • Build latrines at the school in Tsipasi  
  • Install a tap for water at/in the school
  • Plant a garden at the school
  • Begin a meal program for the school, using fresh produce from the school's garden in the program
  • Transportation to allow the farmers the opportunity to take their produce to market
  • A co-op for local farmers 

Our founders


Nick Mahlstadt

President, Operations

Sam Mahlstadt


Our Team

TMP Board of Directors (U.S.)

  • Ben & Megan McEvoy

  • Nick & Typhanie Mahlstadt

TMP Board of Directors (Ghana)

  • Augustus Frimpong (Ghanaian National) - Administrative Director-Ghana, Finance Director-Ghana
  • Michael Sarpong (Ghanaian National) - Education Director
  • Jerron Quarshie - TMP Academy Headmaster, Community Development and Outreach Liaison