As we've introduced the villages of Tsipasi and Gbanavey, we have also unveiled our approach to partnering with these communities over the long haul.

We had no desire to drop in a couple wells, pat ourselves on the back, and leave. Rather, we desire to develop long-term partnerships with these villages and break the cycle of poverty, one project at a time.  

This looks different in each village, as each have their unique needs. (To learn more about each, visit the Tsipasi and Gbanavey community profiles) 

Our current project is a school for Tsipasi. We'll be dedicating our time and all donations to this project until it's complete. We don't have an exact timeframe on this, but we anticipate completing the school this summer or fall (we need your help!).  

Once the school is completed, the project plan is as follows: 

  • Build latrines at the school  
  • Install a tap for the school to access water without having to go to the well
  • Plant a garden at the school
  • Begin a meal program for the school, usinging fresh produce from the school's garden in the program

We will also begin development of two projects in Korpehem

(Gbanavey is the central village in the network of villages):

  • Transportation to allow the farmers the opportunity to take their produce to market
  • A co-op, networking the villages of Kopehem 

As as can see, this is a lot of work that will need our attention in 2015 and for years to come.  

In an effort to be effective, efficient, and proactive in our approach, we ask that you consider becoming a Move Project Advocate, donating $100/month. This will allow us to move more quickly when a project is identified to address an area of need, and will also allow us to be more focused on executing our projects instead of fundraising, planning, and executing projects at the same time.  

Together, we can continue to create new realities for our neighbors in Ghana. 

The next move is yours!