The Move Project was started to break the cycle of poverty in unique and custom ways. That's because the contributing factors to each community's level of poverty are unique to that community. 

However, we also know all factors boil down to basic human needs: access to clean water and food, shelter, and freedom. That's why we've structured the organization to focus on those three areas of need.

We've known all along that as we establish partnerships, initiate projects, and provide assistance to communities in need, we'd need to adapt to the comminity's most pressing needs.  

That's why we operate one project at a time. It allows us to be focused, adapt quickly, and build on our efforts to maximize our impact.  

We want to be excellent stewards of your generous contributions.  

All that to say... 

Tsiapsi received clean water earlier this year and now we're ready to take the next step with their community. 

After speaking with their village chief and elders and our in-country contacts, one of which is a headmaster at a private school, we are ready to launch our next project.  

We are building a school in Tsipasi! 

We'll lay out the details, answer questions, and share more about our long term strategy in the region this week, but for now, we invite you to join us in our initial fundraising to change the course of history in Ghana, one child at a time! 

You can give, as always, by scrolling down and clicking the donate button, but you can also give exclusively to this project (and learn a bit more about it) by going HERE and selecting 'The Move Project Academy' at checkout.