I’d like to introduce Chief Nene Kabu Asagodo and his wife Manye Maku, of Tsipasi.

We’ve gotten to know Chief Asagodo & Manye over the years and they have such a wonderful vision for Tsipasi and the surrounding area. Our first couple of years were spent in conversation with Chief and the village leadership learning about the community, their way of life, and their goals for the future. While progress was slow and steady, our main focus was to establish relationships and take as much time as needed to build trust.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner, and we were not willing to move projects forward until the community saw us as that, a trusted partner. The community presented to us their vision and together we built a plan. The priority is to assist Tsipasi with laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development of the village and its residents.  

If an idea isn’t widely accepted by the community and doesn’t lead us closer to the overall goal of village development, we don’t do it. That means saying no to a lot of good things in order to move the right things forward.

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