There has been a cholera outbreak in Ghana's capital city, Accra. Officials are pointing to poor sanitation as the reason for the outbreak, and are citing the impoverished areas of the city as the reason for the outbreak. Yahoo! News reported on the outbreak and it's worth a read. 

From the article:

"Cholera has killed more than 40 people in Accra since June and infected 3,100 others, according to the Ghana Health Service.

While the sprawling city has been hit by cholera before, the director of health services for the greater Accra region, Linda Van Otoo, said the current outbreak was "staggering".

...Cholera causes diarrhoea, dehydration and death if left untreated. It is transmitted by ingesting food or drink contaminated with human waste."

This is precisely why we are pursuing clean water and sanitation in remote, impoverished areas in the Greater Accra Region. 

The answer to this problem, and the way to ensure this doesn't happen again starts with clean water and sanitation education.  

Here's the article.