We had the incredible opportunity to lead a trip to Tsipasi with students from Drake University in Des Moines. While there, why were able to visit the TMP Academy and participate in a regional education workshop for local teachers.

We received feedback from the Drake students and wanted to share it. This provides a great window into the work we are doing in Tsipasi with the help of our generous donors. An overarching theme in the responses was joy. The Drake students were full of joy and gratitude from their experience, and commented on the joy present in the school with both the students and teachers. We are - of course - overjoyed to hear this! Here are some specific quotes.

Katelyn Buckton, a Drake Univ. Masters student and Des Moines Public School teacher who has now visited Ghana with TMP had this to say:

Being able to drive into Tsipasi, to see this gorgeous new school, the teachers engaging all of these bright children and making a difference in this community…was the absolute most incredible experience of my life.

I am most impressed with how The Move Project made something out of nothing in Tsipasi. There truly was nothing in this community like this for miles. The school in Tsipasi is not only one of the most gorgeous schools I have visited in Ghana. There is nothing like this building in the area, so to see it as a school, is awe inspiring. 

The Move Project is doing some absolutely life changing work that impacts all of the children and families in Tsipasi and it was an honor to witness all of it in action.  

Carissa Harrington, a Drake Univ. Masters student and Des Moines Public School teacher student who visited Ghana for the first time added:

Seeing the student-to-teacher ratio and how positive and hands on their learning experiences were in just the short time TMP Academy had been open makes me excited for what is to come!

As for the workshop, I appreciated the genuine questions the teachers had and their willingness to try the strategies we had shared with them in person and how excited they where to take them back to their own rooms and implement them with their students. 

We are grateful for the partnership we’ve forged with Drake University, and hope you enjoyed reading some of their students’ perspectives as much as we did!

If you and your organization would like to coordinate a trip to Ghana, we’d love to lead one. It’s thanks to our generous community of supporters who make this all possible - if you haven’t already, we’d encourage you to join us and partner in this life changing work.