In June, TMP and Drake University spent a week in Ghana together working with educators and experiencing Ghanaian culture. This year marked the second annual professional learning sessions which have proven to be valuable for everyone involved. Each session is created based on topics educators in Ghana are interested in or seek further development on.

Due to last year’s success of the program, we were invited by the Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in our district to expand the reach of our professional development work. GES hosted us this year and invited educators within TMP Academy’s district to partake in this one-day event. There were 39 educators in attendance this year and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.

Each group rotated through all sessions and it was wonderful to see the collaboration between the entire group with discussion, activities, and Q&A.

The development sessions included topics ranging from math games to engage students, social emotional learning, to student centered learning. Participating in the development of teachers in and around the district we serve has been part of the vision before TMP Academy launched and to see it happening successfully is seriously the greatest!

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