TMP Academy is located in the village of Tsipasi, which does not have access to the electrical grid. We've been waiting for years for the government to provide electricity to the community, but no movement has been made to date.

Due to the progressing needs of the students attending TMP Academy, we've reached a point where lack of electricity has become prohibitive to their studies. We need to take the lead in providing power to the school and provide a sustainable option.

TMP has been working with a solar contractor in the capital city of Accra, Ghana to provide solar power to TMP Academy. When the project is completed, we will have enough electricity to power each classroom with the following electricity:

  • One electrical outlet

  • Lights

  • Power for up to 10 laptops

Electric power will enable to us to use computers as part of our education programs, provide adequate lighting for the students and teachers, and also provide electricity for community training and events we provide.

This is a significant step in providing a high quality education for these kids and breaking the cycle of poverty in the community.

Will you join us in making this a reality for our staff and students? You can do so by partnering with us HERE.