In honor of World Teachers' Day, we wanted to provide a more detailed introduction to Jerron, the Headmaster of The Move Project Academy in Tsipasi, Ghana.

Jerron was our very first hire, and he started with The Move Project on August 15th. Since then, he has been hard at work laying the groundwork for the Academy and the future success of its students in Tsipasi and the neighboring communities. Jerron is from Accra, which is the capital of Ghana. He will soon be moving to Dawa which is the nearest junction to Tsipasi, as there is no available housing within the immediate village. Being from Accra, we felt it important for him to make regular trips to Tsipasi in order to get to know the community and the families who will soon be enrolling their children at TMP Academy.  

Jerron has been warmly welcomed by the community of Tsipasi while making regular trips to village. His visits are to meet with parents, establish the importance of education, gather information on our prospective student population, and assess the educational needs of the children. All of this is being done in an effort to ensure TMP Academy is providing educational structure and opportunities that are needed by the village.

Until now, most all of the children, as well as the adults, have not received any formal education, and we are strategically addressing a few challenges as a result: 

  • Clearly understanding the needs of the community and students before opening the school.
  • Working with the adults to learn English andsharing tools so they can assist their children in the academic work at home.
  • Ensuring proper placement of the students in the appropriate class (grade). 

Jerron is working on each of these items and is making progress in preparation for the school's opening.

We are grateful for Jerron and his work to make educational endeavors in Tsipasi a success and we look forward to hiring more teachers in the near future. As we do, you'll get to meet the staff.