As the sun begins to set on 2016, we've taken a moment to reflect on all that has occurred over the last twelve months and what a year it's been! Our signature event, The Water Ride, was a huge success and the largest we've had to date. We were able to visit our friends in Tsipasi and you can be sure the message was relayed to them that we are all still with them. We let them know that YOU are still with them by participating, donating, engaging, spreading the word, and giving your time and voice to help improve their station. As you can imagine, the smiles were everywhere! They are eternally grateful for all you have done.

At the beginning of December a call to action was put out to help push the construction project to completion and you responded! A more formal announcement will be coming soon, but you all responded in a mighty way! As construction nears completion we have the honor of beginning to put phase two in place which is the outfitting of the school with supplies, desks, chairs as well as begin the hiring process of our faculty. More on this in the coming days.

As you consider your year end gift giving, TMP would be honored to be included in those plans. Donating is simple and 100% of your donations go directly to our projects. No one here gets paid, we have no office space, and all work is done on a voluntary basis or covered via specific sponsorship. While this makes the work slow going it has been part of the plan since day 1. We've structured this way to ensure that all of your hard earned dollars go directly to impacting those we're serving. 

Click HERE to donate today and thank you for your continued support!