Here is a look at where we've been, where we are, and where we're headed. We are grateful to the generosity of those who have given to help make these projects a reality. 

Completed projects:

  • Clean water well in Tsipasi
  • Clean water well in Korpehem
  • A second clean water well in Korpehem

Current projects:

  • Water purification in Tsipasi (100% of proceeds from our 2015 Water Rides will be allocated to this project)
  • A school in Tsipasi

Future Projects:

  • Build latrines at the school in Tsipasi  
  • Install a tap for water at/in the school
  • Plant a garden at the school
  • Begin a meal program for the school, using fresh produce from the school's garden in the program
  • Transportation to allow the farmers the opportunity to take their produce to market
  • A co-op in the villages of Korpehem