The objective, beyond providing clean water, is to have an entry point for sustainable, holistic poverty alleviation for the community.

Our "why?"

Over 3.5 million people die a year from water-related diseases. That is a staggering number, but to truly understand the water crisis across the developing world, you must look into the faces of people in communities whose reality is one without clean water. Two such communities are the village of Tsipasi and the network of villages called Korpehem, all in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana, West Africa. 

Providing these communities with clean water was our first, albeit significant, step to joining hands with the communities and helping them break the cycle of poverty.

Our first well was installed in the village of Tsipasi, in Ghana, West Africa.

The village’s name ironically means a place with abundant water, but the unfortunate reality is that the people of the village were without access to clean water until they received their well. 

After three successful Water Rides, and generous contributions to the water project, we installed two wells in Korpehem, for a total of three wells, and began construction of The Move Project Academy, which will serve approximately 200 children in the Korpehem area.

Together, we are helping create a new reality for the people of Tsipasi and Korpehem. 


After we completed the installation of the wells, we completed a needs assessment to determine what project would come next in partnership with the villages. The project plan for our water initiatives is as follows: 

  • Complete construction of the school ($7,000 from completion)
  • Build latrines at the school  
  • Install a tap for the school to access water without having to go to the well
  • Plant an irrigated garden at the school
  • Begin a meal program for the school, using fresh produce from the school's garden in the program


100% of proceeds from our Water Rides are allocated to water projects. You can register for our next Water Ride below, and if you aren't able to ride, you can still make a tax deductible donation toward the project by selecting the Donation ticket option or scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking the Donate button.  



To read the stories of those who have decided to make a move and join in the work of providing clean water and education to our neighbors in Ghana, read the #WhyIRide stories on our Water Ride Facebook page

This video was created for our clean water projects. We ride so that others can experience the joy and transformation clean water brings to a community.