I wanted to ride RAGBRAI. Having not been on a bike for well over a decade I decided "why not?!" So I started training for it. I found riding some of the scenic trails to be mentally heathy as well as the obvious physical benefits. I found myself going on rides strictly just to sort things out, and reflect on my life and those around me. My mother's untimely death in the Winter of 2013 fueled this even more. The summers of 2014 and 2015 were filled with many solo rides which I found myself reflecting on all aspects of life. As I continue to ride for my own mental health I have always been a part of the social riding scene as well. I often find myself on weekend rides that benefit others. The Moonlight Classic which helps kids in the metro, Above and Beyond Cancer, Miles for Melenoma, Rotary Ride Indianola, and of course The Water Ride. I'm attracted to rides where the proceeds help other people dealing with problems. Riding has helped me with my struggles and it's great that the greater Des Moines area has so many rides that benefit others and their struggles. The Water Ride has become one of my favorites to join. I have known Nick and Sam and the Mahlstadt's since I was a kid. Their family has always helped others without thinking about themselves, and I love the work they are doing with the Water Ride.
#whyiride, Because it's cheaper than a psychologist