I have been part of Water Ride since it’s inception and have supported it since then. I have several reasons for being part of this. The primary reason has to do with the fact I personally know some of the leaders/organizers and their heart towards the continent of Africa in particular and their innate desire towards poverty reduction in general. I have known Nick and Typhanie for about 5 years now and their compassion for the poor and underprivileged in society is unparalleled. You simply cannot think about the cause without the heart behind it. Nick and his team care about the poor!

Secondly, In 2014 I did all the 8 sessions of the indoor water ride at the Indianola YMCA and I clocked about 80 miles at the end. I was a guest/motivational speaker prior to each session and I spoke about the daunting task I had to go through as a child growing up in Ghana when I had to make a journey of 2 miles each morning to fetch water from the river. My cadence and endurance wasn’t based on my cycling skills but the fact that I didn’t want those without water to go through what I went through. I have seen the problem faced by the poor in Ghana, a firsthand and i see that any little effort through the water ride will be a step towards solving the problem. Herein lies my support.

I have supported lots of charitable causes in Iowa for the past 10+ years and I can say for sure that funds raised from the water ride goes to impact lives in Ghana and for that matter I will always be an advocate and supporter of the water ride. 

Your bike ride will be somebody's ride out of poverty- no need to be spectator, be part, not apart!!!