I became interested in supporting The Move Project and specifically The Water Ride in its initial year.  In 2011 I worked with Nick Mahlstadt's brother, Sam. Sam shared his passion in regards to charitable giving and returning God's gifts to us to the less fortunate in the world. I'm an avid bicyclist who you will find out on the trails of Central Iowa most evenings and weekends in the summer. When Sam shared his dream regarding The Water Ride growing into a large fundraiser for The Move Project I couldn't resist wanting to be there to support him and to support the noble cause every year.  This will be my fourth ride. Last year I was the very first to register per Emily Boyd. I think I won a prize for being so loyal!  

I can't think of a better non-profit to support. Their passion is contagious and inspiring. I've even taken the step to contribute via my company's United Way campaign to allocate my giving to The Move Project. I'm also happy to see Amazon has a charitable wing to their company and created Amazon Smile ( where if you sign up, .5% of your purchases will go to your organization of choice. I was thrilled to find out I could allocate funds this way too!  

I support this group in multiple avenues as you can see. The bike ride is just one small way. This is #WhyIRide.