This was my first year for the water ride and I was lucky enough to experience the event through the viewfinder of my camera. It is wonderful to join together for an event that will impact people thousands of miles away while meeting like-minded in your own community. The proceeds of the Water Ride are currently going to not just help build a school in Ghana, but they are filling a need in that community. Community is how we stay accountable, find inspiration, gain confidence, receive healing, build strength, and grow in our faith. We are all built for community, but it still seems hard to connect on the human level.
I believe the way to make lasting change in an area is through education and community.
In the past few years I’ve worked in schools here in the United States as well as in Kenya, South Africa, and Cambodia. Across the board, there is a need for quality education that can cultivate hope in a country. If we are educated, we can start to move forward on the journey of sustainable growth. When you can unlock a child’s mind you can give them a new hope and start the ripple of change. Knowledge can’t be taken away and can span across different borders, income levels, races, and genders.
This bike ride is not just for the community in Ghana, it is education and community for us here in Des Moines as well. It may not seem that we are making a difference, but we are. Not just for the community we may never meet, but also personally with other riders we join here in Iowa during the Water Ride.

We all need things like this in our life.
We all need to join in to something bigger than ourselves.
We all need to make change we will never be able to see. 

That is #whyiride