It was about 6 years ago that my brother, Nick (founder of TMP) and I sat down to discuss an interesting exchange he'd had. Over breakfast, he told me a story of his team's recent monthly outing. Each month, they chose a local organization doing good work and volunteered with them to be a part of the community and practice teambuilding while giving back. Following the volunteer outing, a member of his team thanked him for coordinating and mentioned that if it weren't for his team outings, they'd never have gotten engaged in volunteering. 

 Although a relatively benign comment, the realization that this individual represented many - who weren't sure how, or weren't insipred to, get involved - in our local community and across the country and world. It weighed heavy on his as he posed the question to me, "What can we do?" We knew we had to do something

 We spoke about the barrier of entry many face when they encounter a massive and/or deeply rooted social issue. We brainstormed ways to make the first step of engagement easy, while still taking on large challenges. Soon after that breakfast, we launched The Move Project, focused on holistic and sustainable poverty alleviation. 

 We eventually landed on a strategic partnership in Ghana, focusing on providing clean water to those without access. One thing led to another, and we ended up installing three clean water wells and took on the challenge of building and staffing a school to serve the children of the communities who benefited from the wells we installed. 

 That goal of providing education is the next step in long-term, holistic and sustainable, poverty alleviation and creating new realities for the future leaders of Ghana. Together, with our sponsors and community who ride each year, we are creating new possibilities, and a new reality for our neighbors and friends in Ghana. 

That's #WhyIRide