• Over the past decade, only 73% of children in Ghana have had access to primary school

    • In Tsipasi, the percentage is much smaller

  • In that same timeframe, approximately 34% of Ghana's children experienced child labor

Knowing these statistics certainly motivated us to get involved, but there is more to it than that. We have been face to face with the children behind the stats. We have been face to face with the mothers and fathers of these children.

When The Move Project began our partnership with Tsipasi, the most urgent need was access to clean water. Once clean water was flowing, the community leaders decided the next most urgent need was access to education. Access to education for children in Tsipasi means freedom, vitality, and a chance to create a new reality for themselves and their community.The next step in our joint development plan would be to build a primary school. 

This school will be known as The Move Project Academy and will serve approximately 200 children in the area. 

We recently hired a headmaster for the school! Along with the Headmaster leading the school and assisting with both the strategic vision and the daily operations, The Move Project Academy will have a total of six faculty members. Education, or lack thereof, has a direct correlation to the poverty in the region, and we are thrilled to be a part of reshaping the future of the village by providing their children access to a high quality education. 


PHASE 1 - Construction - COMPLETE!

PHASE 2 - Furniture/curriculum - COMPLETE! 

PHASE 3 - Operational Expense & Salaries ($4,800 annually)

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