Every 8th of September, the world celebrates International Literacy Day. We are so proud to be taking part in the daily quest to eliminate illiteracy all over the world. TMP Academy is doing this work in the small village of Tsipasi, Ghana. Currently, we serve 110 children that prior to the Academy’s launch, didn’t have consistent access to quality education. Through TMP Academy, we are working very diligently to increase the literacy rate within the community.

We have some very big goals for TMP Academy, and increasing the literacy rate of our students is one of the major milestones. To that end, our latest end of term testing results were fantastic and each student finished at or above their grade level standards! For the 2019/2020 academic school year, we are promoting 25 students into Class 3-4, which marks a first for TMP Academy. This means a new staff member will soon be joining TMP Academy to ensure our school continues to grow along with the needs of the students. TMP Academy will also be accepting new students this year in our Creche and KG classrooms due to the student promotions. This marks another first for the Academy!

These are exciting times and we can’t wait to watch our students continue their educational development throughout this year.

As you know, this work doesn’t happen for free and we’re asking for you to pitch in what you can. Our monthly budget to run the Academy (everything from meals, to books, salaries, uniforms, and supplies) is $2,500 each month. Some donors choose to support education through sponsoring a seat at $30/month while others choose to make a lump sum donation. We welcome whatever amount you can contribute to ensure these children have access to a high quality education for years to come.

Donate quickly and securely on our website - www.themoveproject.org/donate