While The Move Project Academy has been officially certified with the Ghana Education Service (GES), it was done so with the understanding that TMP Academy would build a new toilet and washroom facility as our top priority to meet GES standards.

There is a toilet facility currently onsite but it is very old, dilapidated, and unsanitary.

This project will include demolishing the old toilet facility and building a new one in its place which will include:

  • 1 toilet room for female students

  • 1 toilet room for male students

  • 1 toilet room for staff

  • 1 washroom

We take very seriously both the GES standards and the health of our students and faculty. In order to comply with the standards and provide a clean and healthy facility for our students and staff, this the top priority for TMP and will be funded as soon as the $1,800 cost is raised.

Whether you are a recurring partner to TMP or not, we’d appreciate your support in getting this critical project funded!

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P.S. There is no need to allocate your gift, as this is our #1 priority in our current projects.