The irony of where we installed our first well is that the village name, Tsipasi, means place of abundant water in the native language. 

Until we installed our well in Tsipasi, they did not have access to clean water. Water was not only not abundant, it was non-existent. Together, though, we helped the village create a new reality. One in which their children don't have to walk long distances to retrieve contaminated water. 

Although access to clean water is only one contributing factor to the cycle of poverty, we removed that factor and replaced it with a well that will serve the community and the surrounding area. From there, we will work with the village on sanitation, education, infrastructure, and on and on and on. We are not satisfied with dropping in a well and wishing them luck. We are in this for the long haul. We are in this to help the people of Tsipasi lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

Together, we are helping shape that reality for our neighbors in Ghana. 

We aren't stopping there. We want to tell the story of empowerment, hope, and new realities that come with access to clean water. 

Will you help us tell that story?

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