Following the installation of three clean water wells in 2014, we partnered with the villages of Tsipasi and Korpehem to assess their needs. Together, we have created a course of action to empower and equip the communities to break the cycle of poverty in a holistic and sustainable way.  


We agreed with the leaders of Tsipasi to help them build a school for the nearly 175 children in the area. One of our board members in Ghana is a headmaster at an international school where he prepares children for University who would otherwise have no hope of higher education. He will be leading the school and assisting with both the strategic vision and the daily operations. Education, or lack thereof, has a direct correlation to the poverty in the region, and we are thrilled to be a part of reshaping the future of the village by providing their children access to a high quality education. 

To view the line-item budget and 3-phase approach to the project, click here.


Future proejcts will include partnering with the network of villages with transportation solutions, helping the farmers to take their produce to market. We will also be leveraging the already present network to develop a farmers co-op which will assist in economic development in the area. 

More to come in late 2015 on the continued partnerships and opportunities in Korpehem.