We received a few bits of great news this week. Despite a one-day delay in drilling, we were advised the location of the well has been determined and the drilling is underway. 

Better news than that, perhaps, was that the village of Tsipasi has established a committee to oversee and maintain the well.

This is a big deal because African countries are peppered with non-functioning wells, confirming the fact that material goods (even clean water wells) don't break the cycle of poverty. 

What breaks the cycle of poverty is a community engaged in their own alleviation of poverty. It takes village leaders, men, women, and children, all working together for the betterment of their community.  

We we believe it starts with the building block of clean water. But it doesn't end there. 

Clean water was the beginning, and now we focus on other building blocks like sanitation and education. And we do so by empowering those who already had the foresight to establish a committee to ensure their clean water continues to flow.  

We do it by partnering with, and investing in, friends like these: 


The best is yet to come.