If you've attended our events, like the upcoming Water Ride (on May 17th - sign up today!) you know we designate 100% of all funds received at our project events to the respective project, like drilling our first clean water well in Ghana.

We're dedicated to this because we believe more in clean water than we do in overhead costs.

"How much goes to overhead?" is a common question that can potentially become an obstacle for some. When the answer is "none" it helps people feel more comfortable take what is perhaps their first step in pursuing poverty alleviation, which is why we exist.

We are able to do this by pursuing private,  not project-specific, funding. And we have a fun opportunity for you to get involved. 

A couple years ago, we did a short run of black t-shirts for our board members only. They were a hit! We still to this day get questions on how people can get one. Up until now they've been unavailable. Until now... 

As a way to raise money to cover overhead costs so we can continue to dedicate 100% of project proceeds directly to the project, and to finally give people the opportunity to own a coveted black TMP t-shirt, we launched a campaign on Bonfire. You can see the shirts and place your order by clicking here.

 Thanks for your support!