Our primary goal in our work in Tsipasi is to be an integrated community partner, serving the needs the community identifies. This helps us to empower the community to break the cycle of poverty rather than enable the cycle to continue.

The community leaders have responded to this approach, and a strong partnership has been developed. With each project we complete together, the partnership is strengthened. Evidence of this are the completed projects the community is sustaining, as well as our decision to partner together on a community farm

The community farm is a new project we are excited to take on as funds allow.

Here’s an overview of the project:

  • The community of Tsipasi has donated 2 acres of land for a community farm that will benefit TMP Academy’s meal program.

  • Members of the community have committed to joining with TMP Academy in planting, weeding, harvesting, and other general maintenance of the land to benefit the school’s meal program.

  • All produce that is in excess of what TMP Academy meal program needs will be given to those that participate for their personal use and needs.

  • The farm will serve as the starting point for other, larger community development programs and projects TMP and Tsipasi will use jointly in the years to come.

While we are funding and working our projects in order of priority to the community, you can join us in funding our current project list by giving HERE.