As most of you are aware, we've been working diligently to construct TMP Academy in the village of Tsipasi Ghana. This work has been a labor of love and we're now finally able to launch the school and provide access to a quality education for the first time in Tsipasi's history! This is where we need your financial support. We at The Move Project have always striven to be transparent in our work and finances because we believe that when you give you should know exactly where your hard earned money is going.

Education at TMP Academy will cost $30 per student per month. Act now by supporting TMP Academy with a $30 monthly donation! It is fast and easy to set up a recurring monthly gift. Begin your support today!

To fully fund student education at TMP Academy for one year we need to raise nearly $34,000. The annual operating budget covers expenses such as; teacher salaries (Headmaster + seven teachers & one teaching aide), cook and cooking assistant, daily meal program for the students, travel expenses, uniforms, curriculum, syllabuses, textbooks, and in-class materials. When the community development programming is added in the operating budget increased to nearly $43,200 annually. Because formal education has never existed in Tsipasi, part of our community development plan includes education for Adults. Along with job skills training, small business management workshops, and courses to learn English, the adults will also be reaping the benefits of education both socially and economically.

None of this work can happen without people like you giving $30 per month. You'll be personally sponsoring a seat at the desk for this community. As a THANK YOU for your gift, each person that donates $30/month will receive a TMP Academy lapel pin as a TMP Academy founding partner.

Give $30/month now by clicking here.

One more thing...will you help us spread the word? We would be grateful if you shared this message with your network of friends and family. The more people we have supporting the work, the more work can be done!