The Move Project hosted a trip with Drake University the week of June 18, 2018 to the Tsipasi area, including an education workshop at The Move Project (TMP) Academy. 

We hosted 11 teachers from Drake on the trip who facilitated a continuing education workshop offered at TMP Academy and included other area educators.

Leading up to the workshop, the Drake teachers had a day of classroom observation, a farm tour, and a trip to the market to see a day-in-the-life in Tsipasi (where TMP Academy is located) and neighboring communities. 

Below is an overview of the workshop:

  • 70 teachers from around the area were in attendance!

  • Topics included: Learning Goals, Lesson Planning, Dealing with Discipline, Classroom Environment, and Engagement

  • Each session was 45 minutes and groups rotated through each session. 

  • The session topics were created by TMP Academy Headmaster, Jerron and the material created by Drake was centered around current Ghana Education Service academic methods and standards. This enabled real world application for those in Ghana. 

  • Following the workshop, the team from Drake sponsored lunch to all those in attendance.

The feedback from the attendees was wonderful! The sessions were very informative and the attendees took away information, tips, and practices they can implement in their own classrooms. 

In addition to the workshop, the group was able to observe the TMP Academy uniforms being sewn by a local seamstress! 

We were able to see the a completed uniform for both the boys and girls. Since there is no electricity in Tsipasi, the seamstress uses a hand crank to operate the sewing machine. 

The uniforms should be completed and ready for the students in July. 

Special thanks to Wilder Elementary in Indianola, Iowa, who provided all school supply donations for this trip, along with the TMP Academy orange drawstring bags for the students!