Why go to the work of flying a team across the globe, buy (some of the) equipment to film a professional documentary, and complete the production process to create and distribute a film? 

It was an idea we contemplated for a long time. After meeting the people of Tsipasi and understanding the reality for the people in the region if they don't have access to clean water, we had both motivation and crystal clear perspective. 

We must do this because the more we tell the hopeful story of what access to clean water does for a community, the more people get involved, and the more kids end up with clean water and in school and not sold onto fishing boats as slaves on the Volta River. 

And not just kids in general.

This isn't a theoretical problem.

It's these kids. With names and faces and pasts and bright futures. Walking a short distance from the well instead of a long trek to a river. 

We must move. 

Join us